Eagle-eyed professional wrestling fans have likely noticed that WWE interviewer Charly Caruso (real name Charly Arnolt) has been absent from the company’s programming in recent weeks. Instead of taking her usual spot backstage to interview pro wrestlers in-between matches, that role has been handled by Kayla Braxton, Sarah Schreiber, and Kevin Patrick.

Caruso’s absence seems to have been clarified in recent reports by multiple wrestling news outlets. WWE will not be renewing her contract when it expires, according to PWInisder.

“WWE broadcast personality Charly Caruso is expected to depart the company when her current deal expires and is already done appearing on WWE programming, PWInsider.com has learned. PWInsider.com has been told Caruso is not currently expected to make any additional appearances and that her previous on-air duties have already been filled by other broadcast personalities.”

Caruso has also been the subject of rumors and reports in recent weeks regarding tardiness and has even reportedly run afoul of Vince McMahon himself, long considered an unforgivable sin in the world of WWE.

Caruso joined WWE in 2016 where she initially worked on the NXT brand. She eventually moved up to the main roster as a backstage interviewer and also became the host of Raw Talk, an interview program that she led right up until earlier this month. The writing was on the wall back on March 8 when WWE announced that Kevin Patrick would be the new host of the show without any mention of Caruso.

You could also read through the lines and see this comment by WWE personality Paul Heyman on Friday being about Caruso.

Rumors and backstage reports aside, there might also be a relatively obvious reason for her departure from the company. Caruso began working for ESPN under her real name, Charly Arnolt, back in 2018 and has been appearing with the network more and more in the years since. Earlier this year, Arnolt was announced as one of the women hosting First Take, Her Take, a weekly sports debate podcast. She’s also made various appearances on SportsCenter and First Take. As her role with ESPN continues to expand, it may have been part of the reason for the reported split with her longtime employer.

Arnolt also made a cryptic Instagram post on Friday that could be read to mean she is working in a TV studio of some kind, though that’s just speculation at this point.


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