After a career spanning more than 30 years, WWE executive producer Kevin Dunn has turned in his notice and will be retiring from the company.

PWInsider first reported the news Saturday night.

Dunn’s official title was Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution, and was in charge of the company’s television production.

PWInsider gave some more information on Dunn’s decision to retire.

“We are told that a big factor in his decision to retire is changes made internally post-Endeavor acquisition and as one source stated, that Dunn was ‘never going to do anything that was dictacted’ to him, as opposed to how he personally oversaw production in the past.  We are told this was not an issue of creative but two differing versions of how things should be run from a TV production perspective as WWE’s new owner seeks to cut costs.”

While Dunn’s tenure provided a lot of good aspects to both WWE and professional wrestling television production, there was also plenty of bad, especially in recent years. A big critique has been the excessive amount of abrupt camera cuts during a standard episode of WWE television.

Dunn has been in his position since the start of Monday Night RAW in January 1993, so if nothing else, his departure will signify a massive shift in the WWE product that many fans have known their entire lives.