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Last year, WWE and A&E partnered for original content shows Biography: WWE Legends and WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures. They’ve now announced a multi-year extension, which includes more than 130 hours of WWE-themed content commissioned exclusively for A&E platforms. And along with a 35-episode order of Biography: WWE Legends (A&E’s most-watched series of 2021) and a 24-episode order of WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures (A&E’s most-watched new series of 2021), A&E will debut a new show that’s tentatively called WWE Rivals.

That release notes that “WWE Rivals will chronicle the little-known stories behind the biggest clashes in WWE history. The episodes will include revelatory insights from those who were a part of the rivalries that often extended far beyond the ring and the cameras.” A&E has ordered a total of 40 hours worth of WWE Rivals, and  “additional hours of original programming are currently in development as well.”

A premiere date hasn’t been announced yet for the new show. But given this is a multi-year expansion between WWE and A&E, both sides appear hopeful to further strengthen their partnership in the years to come.

[WWE/Photo: A&E]

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