Vince McMahon

Earlier this year, the ever-eccentric and controversial Vince McMahon seized control of the WWE once again after previously retiring last July following reports that he paid millions in hush money over the years to multiple women to keep allegations of sexual misconduct and infidelity from being made public. And it sounds like he’s still going to have some creative control – though he won’t be “in the weeds.”

Following news that the WWE was merging with Ari Emanuel’s Endeavor – the parent company of UFC – McMahon and Emanuel participated in a joint interview with CNBC in which McMahon detailed what his creative role will be with WWE while also debuting a new mustached look.

During the interview, McMahon was asked if he planned to be involved in the creative process. And while he claims that he will not be “in the weeds” as much, he did acknowledge that he will be involved on the creative side “on a higher level.”

“Yes and no,” McMahon said. “On a higher level, yes. In the weeds – which I always loved to get in the weeds in the past – no. Can’t do that.”

While Endeavor will be the controlling interest after the merger, holding a 51% ownership share of the WWE according to CNBC, it’s safe to expect McMahon to remain involved in the WWE in at least some capacity going forward, based on these comments.

[Jimmy Traina]