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Following the Backlash France premium live event Saturday in Lyon, France, some controversy emerged after WWE creative head Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque took issue with a question asked during the post-show press conference.

Fightful writer Sean Ross Sapp emerged as one wrestling media member who took issue with WWE’s stance here. Sapp, who’s been writing in the wrestling industry for several years, is one of the most prominent wrestling writers out there. He’s reported on many WWE and AEW stories and, often, will be among the first to know major stories. So, his name does carry some weight in the field.

After the hullabaloo ensued, Sapp jokingly said he’d only accept an apology if the company sent him various French cheeses. So, guess what happened? WWE sent the Fightful head a gift basket featuring cheeses.

“Okay. Well played. This made me laugh after a tough week,” Sapp posted along with a photo of the gifts. The gifts appear to have come from the Fairfield + Greenwich Cheese Company, which sounds about right, especially as WWE is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.

Wrestling and the media have always had a fascinatingly distant relationship. Even while WWE and others have gotten more mainstream acceptance, things like what happened during Saturday’s press conference can occur from time to time. It, at least, is a positive to see mended fences.

Although, some might wonder if there’s a point to this all. And that’s certainly valid of them.

[Sean Ross Sapp on X]

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