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Trick Williams’ epic NXT Championship victory helped WWE’s third brand earn its highest viewership in over three months.

Night 1 of NXT’s Spring Breakin’, the annual spring-time made-for-TV special, averaged 661,000 viewers on Tuesday night with a 0.20 P18-49 rating. Tasked up against Game 2 between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Phoenix Suns, the show held up pretty well. It’s their highest-recorded viewership number since January 16, 2024, and their highest P18-49 rating since January 9, 2024. The data came from the popular Wrestlenomics Patreon.

The night’s big attraction was the popular Williams’ NXT Championship Match. Trick-wrestled champion Ilja Dragunov won the coveted championship to massive hullaballoo. It’s clear that NXT’s push for Williams has not only worked out based on his crowd reactions but with the interest surrounding his potential title victory.

Wrestlenomics’ quarter-hour data indicated a massive uptick during the Dragunov-Trick match. The audience increased by nine percent at the beginning of the match between 9:45 and 10:00 p.m. Eastern. Then, the overrun between 10 and 10:08 p.m. earned the show’s peak viewership of 741,000 and a 0.23 P18-49 rating. So, the show’s peak came right when Williams won the coveted title.

It’s safe to say that the project paid off in full.

NXT has a fascinating few months ahead of them. After five years on USA Network, the proving ground brand will move to The CW later this fall. Over the next few months, they will also say goodbye to some of their mainstays as a new generation takes hold. Williams is now at the forefront on the men’s side, and his potential is limitless.

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