Pro wrestling fans can enjoy plenty of free content during their COVID-19 isolation, thanks to WWE Network offering a significant amount of programming which includes every WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series event, in addition to recent episodes of Raw and SmackDown.

But if classic and current matches aren’t quite filling a need for family-friendly entertainment, Netflix is offering a wrestling-themed sitcom that might entertain the kids while reminding parents of the TV shows they grew up watching. Recently retired wrestler Big Show (Paul Wight) is the star of The Big Show Show, which follows the massive grappler as he tries to adapt to home life with his wife and three daughters.

Netflix released a trailer for the series on Tuesday. Take a look:

Well, this is… certainly one way to spend a few hours of home isolation during the novel coronavirus outbreak. As the trailer demonstrates, The Big Show Show is going for that old “TGIF” feel from sitcoms like Full House and Family Matters. (Just to underline that point, Jaleel White — Urkel himself — is part of the cast.)

But a big bruiser accustomed to fighting other brutes having to adapt to dealing with children is a reliable premise for movies and TV shows. Following his 25-year career in the ring, Big Show is continuing a long pop culture tradition of tough guys humbled by child care.

Just ask Dwayne Johnson, who donned wings and a tutu for 2010’s The Tooth Fairy. Before the Fast & Furious movie franchise, Vin Diesel played a Navy SEAL who had to watch five kids in The Pacifier (2005). Last November, John Cena played a firefighter suddenly responsible for three abandoned children in Playing With Fire.

The Big Show Show premieres April 6 on Netflix. The first season (will there be more?) runs for eight episodes, each lasting 30 minutes. That’s a quick binge for most viewers, especially if you enjoy the series.


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