The Pat McAfee Show ran an apparent WWE angle to close Thursday's show. Screen grab: ‘The Pat McAfee Show’

Thursday’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show ended unexpectedly, seemingly in continuation of a WWE storyline.

The ending in question came 13 minutes into the YouTube-only portion of the program, as McAfee and Co. interviewed U.S. Navy Seal and author Jack Carr. As Carr told a story about shooting a GoPro Camera with a bow while A.J. Hawk smoked a cigar, McAfee noticed something peculiar happening off-screen.

“Oh my goodness, what’s going on over there?” Carr asked as McAfee scrunched his eyes.

“What the f*** is that?” McAfee asked.

“What’s the security like around here?” Carr added.

The screen immediately went black at that point as a powering-down sound played. While the curious ending to the show was likely confusing to most PMS viewers, fans of WWE—where McAfee serves as the color commentator on WWE Raw—seemed well aware of what had just happened, as it was an obvious reference to the viral debut of the Wyatt Sick6 faction.

For the uninitiated, The Wyatt6 is a group of wrestlers inspired by the late Bray Wyatt, who passed away last year. Led by “Uncle Howdy” — Bray’s real-life brother and the wrestler formerly known as Bo Dallas — the group debuted at the end of this past Monday’s Raw with a horror-film-like segment, which began with the same sound that played at the ending of Thursday’s episode of PMS.

But while many wrestling fans rejoiced at the apparent crossover, not everybody was in on the bit. The included ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky, who took to X to express his confusion.

While it’s likely Orlovsky was—and might still be—legitimately confused, it’s funnier to imagine that he’s not only aware of The Wyatt6 but genuinely concerned about what the group might have done to McAfee and his crew.

Considering the group was just introduced days ago, it will be interesting to see where the angle goes from here—both on WWE television and, apparently, The Pat McAfee Show.

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