Yesterday, we were reminded of Reggie Miller nearly ruining a classic LeBron highlight with his efforts to turn “Welcome to your Kodak moment!” into his broadcasting catchphrase.

The “click click” really sends it over the top into “what the fuck” territory. The call was crushed and mocked whenever it came back, but Reggie still tried to make it a thing for a while, ruining plenty of otherwise awesome playoff dunks.

And it came back today. For context, here’s Caris LeVert yamming on Joel Embiid, a purely enjoyable thing, especially as called by Kevin Harlan:

But later, as the broadcast went to commercial, Reggie went and did it:

We didn’t get a “click click” Reggie! How was Joel Embiid supposed to get ready for his moment?

Some even blamed yesterday’s reminder:

Honestly, that might be the case! The timing is certainly suspicious. Regardless of the reasoning, let’s hope this is the last time Miller attempts to use it. Or, failing that, let’s hope he uses it responsibly like he did today: a minute or two later, during a replay, so in future years we don’t have to hear anything but Kevin Harlan calling the dunk.

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