Charles Barkley pours a drink while Kenny Smith talks.

A big part of what’s made Turner Sports’ Inside The NBA so memorable for 30 years is the interaction between the panelists. Whether that’s Charles Barkley wrestling with Shaq or Kenny Smith arguing with Shaq about gas prices or Ernie Johnson getting in his own shots, a large part of what makes the show work is the (seemingly often unscripted) ways these guys wind up playing off each other. And the latest case there came Monday night, with Smith trying to make a serious point, Barkley pouring himself a drink (from a red Solo cup into his desk coffee mug) during that point, and that pivoting into the whole cast roasting Barkley:

From Johnson’s “What are you, a bartender?” and “C’mon, man, have a little respect for your teammate!” (followed by Barkley’s “We’re not teammates, we’re not even friends!”) through Smith’s “Can you wait until commercial break?” and his handing of money to Barkley with a “Make me one,” this was very funny television. And the slow-motion replay at the end really capped it off. One of the things that particularly stands out about Inside The NBA is the way they roll with whatever happens and lean into it, and this was a great example of that.

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