TNT’s NBA schedule was obviously interrupted by the league’s suspension of play in the wake of Jazz center Rudy Gobert testing positive for coronavirus.

They elected to go with a special edition of Inside the NBA tonight, along with re-airing the All Star Game.

Tonight, the TNT broadcast opened with Charles Barkley revealing that he’s been ill in recent days, and is therefore self-quarantining. Barkley has been tested for the COVID-19 coronavirus, though he says he does not yet have the results.

Obviously, we wish Barkley a quick and full recovery.

As the show continued, NBA commissioner Adam Silver joined the show remotely, and it seems like everything from a resumption of games after the 30-day break to further delays to a full cancellation of the season is possible.

It remains surreal that this is the conversation we’re having, but it’s actually all too real.

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