truTV's Syracuse score bug error.

The amounts of prominent media members who come from Syracuse’s renowned journalism program sometimes lead to accusations of bias in favor of the school. Well, if there ever was impactful bias, it might be from whoever was running the scorebug for the Syracuse-Arizona State First Four NCAA Tournament game on truTV Wednesday. After Syracuse scored to go up 14-11, the score briefly changed to “Syracuse 12116, Arizona State 11”:

Here’s the clip of what that looked like:

That’s a fun typo, and while it only lasted for a few seconds before it was replaced with the correct score, it’s enjoyable to think that this is the next level in the Orange’s ascent to a top-tier troll. “No, that was a 12,104-point shot. You didn’t know that was a thing? Well, you must not have gone to Syracuse.”

Oh, and it should be noted that this wasn’t truTV’s only graphics malfunction of the day. During the pre-game show, when Candace Parker was talking about a South Dakota State player, they briefly showed a logo for the other SDSU, San Diego State:

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