Yes, Tom Brady utters the occasional curse word. Not a stunning development. But there’s still a bit of a wow factor when hearing it live and uncensored on national TV.

Brady and Aaron Rodgers took on Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes Wednesday afternoon in the latest installment of The Match. Team Brady-Rodgers were a little delayed in starting their round because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback somehow got lost on his way over to the first tee at the Wynn Las Vegas.

When Brady finally arrived, he did so with a bang, strutting over to his golf partner for a high five before promptly dropping a motivational f-bomb that was heard by everybody who tuned in to watch the live broadcast on TNT.

“Let’s go, let’s go f*ck ‘em up,” Brady said, drawing oohs and aahs from the crowd and the announcers on TNT.

“There we go, we’re into it early Ernie, hot and heavy!” analyst JJ Watt said to Ernie Johnson. “Not a ball in the air and f-bombs already.”

Kudos to TNT for just rolling with it after realizing Brady’s f-bomb made it on-air. They could have played dumb to pretend the profanity didn’t reach our virgin ears, but Johnson, Watt and even Charles Barkley chose to chuckle at the hot mic moment instead.

“Hey, I love that,” Barkley added on the broadcast, praising the competitive spirit exuded by Brady, who he admittedly has a man crush on.

The four quarterbacks put on an entertaining show, with Brady and Rodgers winning the sixth edition of the 12-hole charity golf event, thanks to a birdie putt from the Green Bay Packers quarterback on the final hole. There is no purse for the winning team, but The Match has raised close to $33 million and provided 17 million meals to Feeding America since its inception.


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