NHL on TNT The NHL on TNT plans a unique broadcast tonight due to inclement weather impacting Sabres-Blackhawks. Credit: B/R Open Ice

Inclement weather around the U.S. has left some damage in its wake. Sports haven’t avoided it either, as the NFL’s Super Wild Card Weekend had to be altered a bit due to lake-effect snow and blizzard-like conditions in Buffalo. Speaking of which, the weather in Buffalo also affected the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres. Their Wednesday night matchup against the Chicago Blackhawks had to be postponed due to weather-related issues.

The game was teed up to be aired on TNT as part of their weekly NHL coverage. But because of the postponement, the network has to adjust. Their plan to adjust is a bit unconventional.

TNT plans to broadcast a different game as part of their Wednesday night coverage. The network is scheduled to air the Detroit Red WingsFlorida Panthers matchup. But there’s a twist: The network will broadcast the game with commentary coming from inside the studio.

Chicago Sun-Times deputy editor Jeff Agrest revealed the news, saying, “TNT has an interesting plan for Red Wings-Panthers broadcast tonight. Studio crew will call the game from the studio.”

The NHL on TNT later confirmed the news that they’re going to call the game live from their studio. Liam McHugh, Paul Bissonette, Anson Carter, and Henrik Lundqvist will be ready and raring.

Given the context of the situation, this is certainly a positive alternative option. They won’t go blank without any games being aired, and televising a different game is, at a minimum, serving the fanbase.

There are things that might work against them, though. In-studio broadcasts don’t typically play well with viewers. There’s always something to be said about commentating a game at the game itself. But… given the situation, it’s probably easier to give them a pass. It may prove interesting to see how the game is called with the panel as opposed to a one- or two-man booth. But apart from that, this could be a very interesting experiment, as they could have opted to simulcast the game. But the network obviously wants its own stamp, one way or another.

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