Ted Lasso characters Coach Beard, Roy Kent and Nate Shelley in AFC Richmond's dressing room. Credit: Apple TV’s X account

Though Ted Lasso’s next chapter is unknown, Season 3’s poetic finale felt like a heartfelt farewell, offering a sense of closure that may be all we get.

And despite a heartwarming conclusion to Season 3, the door to more Ted Lasso isn’t quite shut.

A year ago, Apple hinted at a spinoff, and according to Deadline, Channing Dungey, head of Warner Bros. Television, confirms there’s still hope for Ted Lasso’s return in some form.

Per Deadline, Dungey expressed that Apple is eager for more Ted Lasso (aren’t we all?) and is open to either a fourth season or a spinoff set in the show’s universe.

Dungey said that Apple would like more Ted Lasso, whether it’s a fourth season or a spinoff set in the Ted Lasso universe.

“We’ve had conversations about all of the above. I think Jason Sudeikis is open to the idea, but I think he wants to have the right idea, which I appreciate it,” Dungey said. “We at Warner Bros appreciate, Apple appreciates, because it’s the sort of thing where you don’t want to go do more, just for the sake of more, you want to go do more, because you actually have something to say, you have a story that you want to tell.”

While the show’s future is still ambiguous, including Jason Sudeikis, who played coy when the subject was raised, it seems the door hasn’t entirely been shut on him reprising his role in one form or another.

Dungey raises an interesting point about having a solid narrative before extending a series. And while you could argue that perhaps the show has run its course, telling its story and having neatly concluded most of its plotlines, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an appetite for more.

Ted Lasso undoubtedly fulfilled the vision of series creator Bill Lawrence for the show, perhaps even exceeding it, considering that a throwaway character from a Premier League ad became somewhat of a cultural icon. But between last year’s cryptic tweet from Apple TV+ and Dungey’s comments would suggest the show isn’t quite over, and conceivably, a new season or spinoff could be about the remaining AFC Richmond coaching staff members.

“We’ll see what happens,” she added.


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