Vice TV debuts their first Dark Side of the Ring spinoff tonight, with the premiere of Dark Side of Football.

The format and the success of the original series lends itself well to possible spinoffs, and in addition to the look at the NFL there’s one coming on 90s pop culture, too. Thanks to The Wrap, we know the subjects for all six episodes of Dark Side of Football, and it’s a nice mix of scope and focus.

Via The Wrap:

The six, one-hour episodes of Vice’s “Dark Side of the Ring” spinoff will include an episode on Bill Belichick, another focused on the origins of the Oakland Raiders’ notorious reputation and a third that explores the league’s painkiller problem and the often tragic results of its unwritten rule to “play with the pain,” in the docuseries’ words.

And that’s literally just the half of it. Other subjects covered include violence among some hardcore fans, the pathetic (not last year!) Cleveland Browns, and one episode dedicated entirely to diva wide receivers, TheWrap has learned.

There’s certainly a long list of possible topics, but the opening group feels like a great base to start from. A selection of participants is also promising, featuring a mix of former players, coaches, and current media members.

Participants interviewed for and appearing in the program include Chad Johnson, Mike Ditka, Plaxico Burress, Donte Stallworth, Jemele Hill, Bill Romanowski, Jim McMahon, Ricky Williams, Kyle Turley and Lincoln Kennedy, we’re told. 

Football and wrestling have similar histories when it comes to athletes being put through a wringer of physical abuse in order to perform. Combining looks at the dangers of the sport with dives into fan tribalism, franchise futility, and more is certainly on brand for the Vice series, and it feels like a natural fit. The first episode debuts tonight at 10 PM Eastern on Vice TV.

(You can also watch the wide receiver episode on YouTube now, if you want to check out the show.)

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