Cari Champion and Jemele Hill.

On Wednesday during their Newfronts presentation, Vice announced that former ESPN hosts Cari Champion and Jemele Hill would host a new weekly talk show which has a working title of Disrupters. The show is expected to cover the full slate of topics you’d expect, including culture, politics, sports, and business.

Here’s the blurb from Vice’s release.

VICE TV is launching a new weekly talk show with veteran journalists, former colleagues, and best friends Jemele Hill and Cari Champion this summer. Disruptors with Jemele Hill and Cari Champion (working title) unpacks the biggest topics and headlines of the week in an unfiltered conversation. Disruptors (WT) will also feature guest experts, thought leaders and changemakers who will provide perspective, commentary and insight. From the politics of culture to the culture of politics and the business of sport to the sport of business, Cari and Jemele offer their outspoken and entertaining voices to go in-depth on issues most on their minds.

Hill and Champion spoke to Variety about the show, mentioning that their friendship and social media rapport formed the basis for what would become Disruptors. Champion also noted that sports and politics are inextricably tied together, pushing back at the absurd “stick to sports” talking point.

The two began to hang out frequently around Bristol, Conn., site of ESPN’s headquarters, and found they had a rapport that could form the basis for a project of their own – not that they weren’t busy on immediate work. “We never specifically talked about doing something together, but we were working on a show without knowing we were working on a show,” says Hill.  They would trade remarks on social media and get good reactions. “People would talk about how they felt we had good chemistry, to see two Black women in the sports space sharing their commentary.”

The pair believes “Disruptors” debuts at an opportune moment, with the nation focused more intently on matters of race and how people from different backgrounds treat one another. Their background in sports won’t keep them from venturing into other areas, says Champion. “Sports is intertwined with politics,” she notes, adding that the current news cycle and political climate have “forced America to open its eyes.”

For those who enjoy Hill and Champion, Disruptors seems like it’ll be right up their alley. If you don’t like either, you won’t need to worry about stumbling onto the show on a sports network.

A premiere date has yet to be announced for Disruptors, which will air on Vice TV.

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