Vice TV hit paydirt with Dark Side of the Ring, the docuseries that looks at the most controversial and most unbelievable stories in the pro wrestling industry. With some of the highest ratings in the channel’s history, Vice is looking to bring more content under the “Dark Side” umbrella.

Before season three, a talk show about the topics from season one and two of Dark Side of the Ring will begin on March 9. According to Deadline, Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential will consist of eight episodes spanning 90 minutes and is airing once a week. Podcast and mortgage extraordinaire Conrad Thompson is host as he and creators Evan Husney and Jason Eisener discuss some of the things from the topics of the first two seasons of the show they weren’t able to get to at the time.

As noted in the trailer, spinoffs on football and the 90’s that follow the “Dark Side” format are set to debut at some point but the wrestling show is the bread and butter and season three is set to air later this year.

At the time of posting, over nine topics have been revealed in the 14-episode season.

Brian Pillman (season premiere)
Bruiser Bedlam
Chris Kanyon
Collision in Korea
Dynamite Kid
Grizzly Smith and his children Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Rockin’ Robin, and Sam Houston
Nick Gage

[Deadline/Photo: Vice TV]

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