ESPN's Lowell Galindo provided a classic call on a botched play in Saturday's UFL game between the Brahmas and Stallions. Photo Credit: ESPN on ABC. Brahmas running back Anthony McFarland Jr. runs into his own lineman, Aaron Monteiro. Photo Credit: ESPN on ABC.

While the San Antonio Brahmas defeated the Birmingham Stallions 18-9 in UFL action on Saturday, one play went quite awry for them. It was a play that we don’t see too often in football.

Fortunately, Lowell Galindo, calling the game for ESPN on ABC, was there to explain the action.

On a first-and-15 from the Birmingham 16, San Antonio quarterback Chase Garbers took a snap out of the shotgun and handed the ball to running back Anthony McFarland Jr. McFarland couldn’t get far, running into lineman Aaron Monteiro for a one-yard loss. On the surface, that may not sound out of the ordinary at all. But as Galindo explained, it was.

“Oh no,” a chuckling Galindo exclaimed. “McFarland got pancaked by Aaron Monteiro. The problem is, they play for the same team.”

“Not only that, it’s 67 on your left there,” said color commentator Tom Luginbill. “He gets turned around. Almost back to the line of scrimmage. I don’t know what he’s looking for or what he’s looking at.”

This may bring up memories of the famed Butt Fumble, when New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez ran into the backside of offensive guard Brandon Moore. The difference was, Moore was engaged with Vince Wilfork, trying to block him. Monteiro really wasn’t tied up with anyone.

But much like Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth with the butt fumble, Galindo and Luginbill on this blooper reel play.

[Photo Credit: ESPN on ABC]

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