UFL's Houston Roughnecks players Credit: Fox

The United Football League (UFL) has been quietly chugging along in its inaugural season and is nearing the playoffs, so naturally things are heating up.

In the case of some players’ bottoms, that’s quite literal.

While the UFL has put up decent ratings relative to its predecessors, it hasn’t had the kind of breakout or viral moments that helped keep previous spring football leagues in the popular culture, if only for fleeting moments.

This weekend’s game between the Michigan Panthers and Houston Roughnecks certainly gave us a solid viral moment we can build on thanks to the scorching temperatures and high humidity of Houston, Texas.

Thanks to the players being mic’d up on the sidelines, Fox caught a conversation in which Houston center Jack Kramer explained to quarterbacks Nolan Henderson and Reid Sinnett that his butt was drenched because of the trainers using sponges, not his sweat.


“My ass is not this wet,” Kramer tells Henderson before explaining to him how the trainer “absolutely soaked me with the sponge.”

Henderson replied that he was concerned because when he was calling plays, “you’re just dripping on my hands.”

“Go pistol then,” interjected Sinnett.

“I handed that ball off and I literally am dripping from your ass,” added Henderson. “And now you’re even worse?”

“Can I get a feel?” asked a curious Sinnett.

Fox announcers Adam Amin and Joel Klatt then talked about the “sponge bath” that trainers were giving to players along with some visuals on the sidelines.

This is exactly the kind of stuff that we need more of from the UFL. What’s the point of all that access if we’re not hearing about how water is dripping from the center’s asses and interfering with the quarterback’s ability to hand the ball off?

Michigan won the game, 26-22, so all that sponging was for naught.


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