Tucker Carlson producing Dana White doc

Tucker Carlson self-reported on his show Monday that he’s working on a documentary featuring the UFC and their president Dana White. That documentary is set to premiere on Fox Nation this winter.

An interview with White aired on Carlson’s Fox News show Monday night. Following the segment, the polarizing host stated the UFC president would be the subject for one of his Tucker Carlson Originals. Carlson claimed to have received a lot of access in creating the documentary.

Previous Tucker Carlson Originals featured on the Fox Nation subscription streaming service include episodes on Kid Rock, cattle mutilation, UFOs, and the Capitol insurrection. There’s also one documentary where Carlson infamously touted testicle tanning.

Carlson did not offer any additional details on the pending UFC episode of his Originals series beyond stating the documentary would be out this winter. During the interview that aired on Fox News Monday night, White and Carlson focused on topics they share an affinity for. That included their admiration of Donald Trump, pushback on the COVID pandemic, and battles with mainstream media.

“I took a lot of heat, took a lot of bullets, took a lot of criticism,” White told Carlson about holding events during the pandemic on Fight Island. “That’s what the media does. They never built anything, nobody depends on them for a paycheck, but all they do is sit back in criticize. ‘I’m going to kill people, I care more about money than I do human life.’ I heard it all. And the New York Times, as you can imagine, was blasting me daily.”

Carlson is not known for offering insight, thoroughness or an unbiased viewpoint when analyzing a topic. With that understanding, it’s fair to wonder whether Carlson’s documentary is capable of creating a balanced, all-encompassing story of the UFC. That organization, in addition to being an incessantly growing brand, features a darker side through continued complaints of low fighter pay.

Or will Carlson’s documentary be a deeper look into the topics he already discussed with White on Fox News? If so, it might be another example of conservative media desperately seeking to squeeze every ounce of content they can from COVID.

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