The Texas Rangers turning off their replies.

On Monday, the Texas Rangers annoyed a lot of people with manager Chris Woodward complaining after their game (a 14-4 home loss to the San Diego Padres) that Padres’ shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. continued to play baseball up 10-3, with Woodward complaining about Tatis’ grand slam on a 3-0 count and saying it violated baseball’s “unwritten rules.” On Tuesday, the Rangers lost 6-4 to the Padres (in a game that featured a spectacular catch from San Diego’s Manny Machado), and their social media manager followed Woodward’s approach of whining about being outdone on the field, using a recently-implemented Twitter feature to turn off replies (and thus, avoid getting ratioed). But that led to a lot of people dunking on them with quote retweets:

Here are just a few of the many quote retweets they received:

It’s nice that in addition to being bad at baseball (they’re now 10-12 on the season), and bad at understanding the actually-written rules of baseball (see the whole Tatis situation), the Rangers are now proving to be exceptionally bad at social media. Turning off replies at this particular moment is hilariously short-sighted, and it made them an even bigger subject of jokes than they would have been otherwise.

[Texas Rangers on Twitter]

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