Sportsnet X account Photo Credit: SportsnetPR via X Screenshot

Sportsnet announced Saturday afternoon that its main X account had been hacked.

The incident happened shortly after 3 p.m. ET, just hours before the network broadcast the Stanley Cup Final in Canada.

The Sportsnet PR X account posted the following message: “Please be advised that our main @Sportsnet account on X has been compromised and we are currently working to recover it. In the meantime it is unsafe to click any links or engage with any posts from the account.”

Meanwhile, on the main Sportsnet X account, the hacker(s) appeared to be hawking illegitimate crypto currency, posting profanity and embedding scam links in a bid to lure potential victims into cyber danger.

Sportsnet X account hacked

The hacker also posted this message: “Everyone says we were hacked or opened fake tokens, we are determined and stated this in the Podcast. WE ARE NOT HACKED!”

Less than an hour later, the main Sportsnet X account had been taken down and search results for it led to the X home page account.

[SportsnetPR; Photo Credit: SportsnetPR via X]

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