Twitter has plenty of memes and recognizable trends and one of them that’s permeated many a Twitterfeed in recent months is the “open question tweet” that asks you to quote tweet with an answer. You usually see it take two forms. It either attracts the kind of silly and absurd responses that we all originally came to Twitter for before it became a nightmare factory or it attracts earnest responses from people who want to share their personal insights for the greater good.

The latter happened right before the Fourth of July when journalist Colin Beswick, who covers the Boston Bruins for SB Nation’s  Stanley Cup of Chowder blog, decided to ask a question pertinent to what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.

On his blog, Beswick explained that he posted the question with the hope that “people far more accomplished and wise than myself would share a lesson or two from their career, that may in turn help many of you as you start on your journey.” In the days since, he certainly got that and more as writers big and small from all kind of outlets chimed in with their thoughts, advice, and tips on how to navigate the climb in the tricky and perilous world of sports journalism. Here are just some of the advice given by journalists from ESPN, The Athletic, CBS Sports, and many other outlets (and backgrounds).

Regardless of where they stand on issues, who they work for, and what they personally believe, nothing quite brings sports journalists together like talking about sports journalism. You can check out the many, many other responses to the question here.

[Colin Beswick]

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