A Paul Finebaum Twitter Space.

Twitter audio conversation feature Spaces has particularly taken off in the college football world, as we explored last December. In that piece, we noted that even famed radio/TV host Paul Finebaum saw the appeal, saying “I see the future of me (hosting) late night on Twitter Spaces.” Well, Finebaum will now be going live on Spaces for the first time ever Friday at 11 a.m. Eastern.

As noted there, Finebaum will be on a space hosted by TJ Adeshola (Twitter’s head of global content partnerships, who Finebaum made the above remark to in a Paul Finebaum Show interview last December). Other featured guests will include South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Shane Beamer, former Alabama Crimson Tide/New Orleans Saints safety/current SEC Network analyst Roman Harper, and former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Blake Sims.

It’s certainly interesting to see Finebaum trying his hand at Twitter Spaces, and to see him doing so with some notable people from the college football world. It definitely makes some sense for him to explore this; his show has often been known for conversations with callers as well as interviews with high-profile figures, and Spaces has also struck that mix, perhaps especially in the college football world. As we discussed in December, some of the CFB Spaces that have taken off have been from media outlets, including the Shutdown Fullcast, ESPN, and Fox, but others have been from regular fans, and those have seen notable figures drop in (including Oregon AD Rob Mullens). We’ll see how Finebaum’s Spaces broadcast goes Friday, and if it winds up leading to him doing more in this space.

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