The NFL announced that they have extended their partnership with Twitter to incorporate Twitter’s new Spaces feature and create exclusive content.

Spaces is Twitter’s audio feature where anyone on Twitter can listen but up to 11 people can speak at a time. The easiest way to explain it is it’s kind of like a blend between talk radio and a live podcast.

Anyway, the NFL will have 20 Spaces that will provide exclusive content in their big events throughout the year. A few examples of the NFL’s content offerings on Spaces include curated highlights for brands, expanded Twitter polls, and providing fans with the best moments from every game.

The NFL has had a partnership with Twitter since 2013 and this Spaces foray is the natural progression of that partnership. If it’s something Twitter is trying to promote and get people to use in order to parlay it into another revenue stream, it makes sense to partner with sports leagues and top content creators to make that happen.


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