Mike Francesa Mike Francesa throws a free hat into the audience at th start of his radio show. People attend the WFAN’s Mike Francesa Summer Send-Off show at Bar Anticipation in Lake Como, NJ on August 23, 2019. Bara190823e

Do you want a solid bet? Whoever Mike Francesa picks to win The Open Championship, bet on that golfer to miss the cut.

The longtime New York sports talk radio host, who now hosts a podcast for BetRivers, has been offering his picks for all of golf’s majors in 2022. He’s 0-for-3 so far, which isn’t particularly striking. However, it’s the fact that all three of his picks failed to even make the cut in those tournaments that turns this into his version of the Madden Curse.

No one turns to Mike for help with their golf gambling. At least, we HOPE no one does. But that didn’t stop fellow New York media curmudgeon Phil Mushnick from going all-in on Francesa this week over his misfires.

Oh-for-three on winners — no big deal — but all missed cuts? Nah! Can’t happen. But it did. Who is this soothsayer of colossal doom? 

That’s the best part: The guy sells himself as an expert professional tout, someone whose “picks have value,” though evidence exists only to the extreme contrary. But his legacy as a self-deluded, boastful blowhard is now solidified — in faux stone. 

Ladies and gentlemen, and whatever you choose to call yourselves of all ages, welcome back the self-anointed know-it-all who never was and never left, Mike Francesa! 

Francesa might not rule the NY airwaves anymore but he’s certainly not going to take Mushnick’s guff lying down, given their history. Somehow, this ongoing old guy feud made its way to Twitter where Mike shared some thoughts on Phil.

“Sad, pathetic Mushnick’s lies and distortions continue to make him look like the jealous old man that he is,” tweeted Francesa. “Ask him to add up how much the horses I own have won the past two years. What a complete, obsessed fool.”

The best part is that Mushnick never said a thing about Francesa’s horses or anything to do with the racetrack. Mike just wanted to make sure we all knew.

Of course, we all know where this goes next…

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