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While many people are cautiously or even nervously waiting to see what Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter means for the platform, Colin Cowherd says bring the ruckus.

Coming out of a commercial break during his Wednesday afternoon Fox Sports Radio/FS1 show The Herd, Cowherd casually shared his excitement about watching the reactions to Musk getting behind the wheel of Twitter.

“We’re trying to figure out Twitter,” Cowherd said. “Elon Musk bought it. It’s a circus, it’s fantastic. It’s driving everybody crazy. I love it! I like that Elon Musk makes everybody uncomfortable. I like discomfort. It makes me laugh.”

The leading cause of outrage in the wake of Musk purchasing Twitter has been his desire to loosen content moderation and encourage more free speech. But despite self-declared free speech advocates complaining about Twitter’s content policies, it’s not like the platform has been a safe space for kind and cordial interactions over the years.

“He’s freaking everybody out, and everybody’s going to leave Twitter,” Cowherd continued to co-host Jason McIntyre. “And you know nobody’s going to leave Twitter. They’ve threatened to leave Twitter, and they won’t leave Twitter. And it’s just cats and dogs living together.”

There have been a few celebrities who have already left Twitter. No offense to Mick Foley or Sara Bareilles, but so far there hasn’t been enough of a wave of people leaving to spark a mass exodus. Call me naïve, but I don’t anticipate Musk owning Twitter to become the grave threat to social media or democracy that others have predicted. Musk may have bought Twitter as a passion project, but he didn’t drop $44 billion to watch it become a floundering, wild west social media app like Parler or Truth Social.

“He charges eight bucks a month,” Cowherd said, scoffing at the number that it may cost for accounts to keep their blue checkmark. “I think people think it’s worth eight bucks a month. Gotta have multiple revenue streams in any business. People don’t like it, though. PEOPLE ARE FREAKIN’ OUT!”

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