In a very scary situation, former NBA commissioner David Stern collapsed in a New York City restaurant. It was revealed that Stern suffered a brain hemorrhage and was rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency brain surgery.

As of the time of posting, Stern’s condition is unknown but he has received many positive thoughts and prayers from the sports community in hopes that he makes a full recovery. The NBA on TNT crew of Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Shaquille O’Neal reflected about how Stern has affected their lives, their careers, and the NBA.

The guys spoke from the heart and they really showed how important Stern has been to the NBA as commissioner. He may have been tough on players and team executives and they may not have been pleased about him all the time but Stern definitely saw the future and his plan to expand the NBA to be more of an international game really increased its standing on the world stage and that, along with skyrocketing TV rights deals, has made everybody a lot of money over the years.

They made sure to note that Stern is still with us and is hoping he’s going to remain with us for years to come. Even if Stern is still with us, it’s always great to share how you feel about somebody that’s important to you while they’re still around. Let’s all hope that the commissioner wakes up from surgery and is able to read and hear what we all have said about him.

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