Reggie Miller Nov 14, 2023; Denver, Colorado, USA; American former professional basketball player Reggie Miller reacts after the game between the LA Clippers against the Denver Nuggets at Ball Arena. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

TNT Sports NBA game analyst Reggie Miller has been the top dog at the network for long enough to hear it all. Some basketball fans love him; some hate him. And nearly everyone watching thinks he’s rooting for the other team.

In an interview with DIME Magazine published Wednesday, Miller explained why he relishes fans thinking he’s biased against their team and why his priority as a broadcaster is joy first and foremost.

“The best compliments I have are on social media when I hear fans saying, ‘You’re such a homer for the Lakers,’ and then the very next comment is, ‘Why are you all on the bandwagon of the Nuggets?’ I’ve done my job,” Miller told Robby Kalland of DIME.

“That’s exactly what I want to hear. I want the criticism coming from both sides, which is 50-50 after every game. That means it was fair and balanced. The best compliments I ever get is, ‘Oh my God. Why are you all over LeBron?’ Or, ‘Do you live in Denver? Are you a Nuggets fan?’ That is the best! Those are the best. Thank you. That means I’m doing my job.”

Just like when he was a player with the Indiana Pacers ripping opposing fans’ hearts out with late-game buckets and competitive fire, Miller isn’t afraid to play up the showmanship as a broadcaster.

“As a player, I always wanted to perform,” he told DIME. “It’s very much the same way how I approach my broadcasting. I’m at center court watching these unbelievable athletes perform at the highest level. Yes, we want to make this enjoyable for your casual fan but not alienate your hardcore fans who are there for the stats, the runs, the history of the game. So you got to be able to merge both of them.”

Miller makes a perfect partner for the exuberant goofball Kevin Harlan, and both rise to the moment expertly each postseason. Miller knows his energy can rattle fans who desperately want their team to win. And he embraces it.

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