Shaquille O'Neal Photo Credit: TNT

Shaquille O’Neal had an unexpected brain freeze during TNT’s NBA Tip-Off show Sunday night.

Charles Barkley wasn’t about to pass on the opportunity to poke fun at Shaq’s mistake.

The fun started as the show talked about NBA awards. O’Neal had to announce the three finalists for “Clutch Player of the Year.” When Shaq paused before beginning, Barkley joked, “Sound it out, big fella.”

After O’Neal announced Stephen Curry’s name, he went to the next player on the list.

“DeMar DeRozan, Chicago Bills,” he said.

“Bulls,” host Ernie Johnson quickly corrected.

“Bulls,” Shaq agreed. Barkley, Johnson, Kenny Smith and even Shaq all laughed at the moment.

End of story, right? Wrong. Anyone who has watched even a couple of episodes of TNT’s award-winning show knew that Barkley would find a way to roast Shaq.

Barkley then had to read the nominees for “Sixth Man of the Year.”

“Bobby Portis, Milwaukee … Brewers,” Barkley called. “Naz Reid … the Minnesota Vikings.”

“He’s taking a little bit of a shot at you there, big fella,” Johnson helpfully pointed out to Shaq.

“I said ‘Bulls,'” Shaq replied with a stone face.

The bizarre chemistry between Barkley and O’Neal, whether they’re talking about soft drinks, Draymond Green or even election-deniers, drives the TNT show’s success.


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