Charles Barkley announced Thursday that he was joining Instagram, which led to plenty of jokes and questions from his co-hosts. Photo Credit: TNT Photo Credit: TNT

There was a major announcement Thursday evening on TNT’s Inside the NBA.

Charles Barkley has joined Instagram.

Naturally, the rest of the crew had plenty of questions and of course, jokes.

“I’m trying out social media,” Barkley said. “I’ve been here for 12 years and for 11.9 of those years you said you were never going on social media. What changed?” Shaq asked before Kenny Smith jumped in reminiscing about how Barkley used to say social media was for “fools” and “people living in their basement.”

“You gonna be sliding into people’s DMs?” Smith asked. To which Barkley replied “I don’t even know what that means. You gotta teach me how to slide.” The crew agreed that would be a terrible idea.

Smith and Shaq continued to quiz Barkley about how to use Instagram before he revealed he had people make his posts for him because he’s learning.

Shaq had one more piece of advice for Barkley. “Every time you send out a picture of you, you gotta hashtag OnlyFans,” which drew a laugh from the panel. They asked Barkley if he knew what OnlyFans was and he was lost, saying, “Only fans of mine?”  Smith then said he wouldn’t explain it but said it’s a site Barkley “didn’t want to be on.”

We’ll have to keep an eye on Barkley’s new account to see how he adjusts to finally joining social media, but Thursday night saw a massive surge in followers immediately after the announcement.

[Photo Credit: TNT]