Bomani Jones and Elle Duncan Credit: The Right Time with Bomani Jones

Killing time before the start of Game 3 between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks on Sunday, the Inside the NBA crew answered a fan question regarding who wore short-shorts better, Charles Barkley in his playing days or Bomani Jones on the Western Conference Finals Altcast.

That led to a round of ribbing from the crew.

“Come on, Bomani, I don’t wanna see your legs, Bomani,” said Barkley

“Put them chicken wings away,” added Shaquille O’Neal.

“What is this, dress like your kid day?” asked Kenny Smith.

While watching himself get roasted on national television, all Jones could say was “at least Chuck said my name right.”

However, after having some time to gather his thoughts, Jones offered up a playful response to the roast on the latest episode of The Right Time with Bomani Jones.

Jones discussed the jokes and the one thing he’d like a retraction on with Elle Duncan.

“Can I get away with wearing these shorts on television? And I’m like, You know what? On game one, Bobby Portis was wearing a suit, but it was a short. In case you didn’t know, Bobby Portis is from Arkansas, and he was wearing a pink suit that was with shorts, right? And I was like, ‘It worked out. I could get away with these shorts,'” said Jones.

“So you were inspired by Bobby Portis’ fashion, which is well known, renowned for his fashion, of course,” responded Duncan in jest.

“I was getting ready to point out the folly of my ways, yes,” said Jones. “And then I hear the country-est voice in the world. ‘Way to go all lot with your TV outfit, Bomani.’ So once Charles get in there, here comes Shaq. Now Shaq got to say something, right? ‘Ain’t nobody’s trying to see them chicken wings. Who’s ever called legs wings? Okay? Who’s ever done that?

“Kenny wait till the end, and it’s the worst with Kenny because Kenny ain’t really got jokes. So I know he means this shit when he says it. He’s like, ‘Dress like your kids at work.’ I ain’t got no kids, Kenny. I had a joke that I could have said, but I don’t know him that good. But next thing you know, it’s Bomani Jones Roastfest. I’m like, ha-ha, you guys are really funny. They lit my ass up for like three hours about this.”

While Jones could appreciate the roasting, there was one detail that would like a retraction on.

“Charles Barkley said something about my ashy ankles, and I want a retraction on that,” said Jones. “That’s where I want a retraction. I was not ashy. I draw the line there. You want to get on me about my choices in fashion or my choices in attire, that’s one thing. If you think I went on TV ashy, you got me fucked up. I ain’t appreciate that.”

“That’s an indictment on your mom, honestly,” said Duncan. “It’s an attack on your mother if someone calls you ashy on national television because your mom did not raise you that way, Bo. So I understand how you could be that upset.”

Jones will be back on TNT’s WCF Altcast on Thursday for Game 5. We imagine he’s going to choose his outfit very carefully.

[The Right Time with Bomani Jones]

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