At AA we love finding classic clips that show something unique from the rich history of sports broadcasting.  So we were amazed when Classic TV Sports unearthed this rare footage of Jim Nantz working a game as a basketball analyst, and not a play by play man.

One of Nantz’s early stops before joining CBS Sports was in Salt Lake City.  Before he became the play by play man for The Masters, the Super Bowl, and the Final Four, he was working with legendary Utah Jazz announcer Hot Rod Hundley.

Here’s the footage of Nantz as an analyst from a 1985 Bulls-Jazz game.  You may recognize a kid named Jordan playing too.

And if you want to continue going in the way back machine, here’s an article from 1989 talking about Nantz’s rise at CBS Sports and the futures of other local broadcasters in Salt Lake City like Steve Cyphers and Craig Bolerjack who would later make it on the national stage.  How much would history be different if Jim Nantz had stayed on as a Utah Jazz analyst?

[Classic TV Sports]

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