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Corporations can do some weird, weird things.  Kristen Yarows is a Wisconsin fan.  She is not a Duke fan.  However, Bing took her image (along with another Wisconsin fan) and photoshopped in Duke colors for a tweet over the weekend.  Yarows posted the bizarre photoshop on Instagram and Bing deleted the tweet.

This makes absolutely zero sense.  None whatsoever.  There are like, what, 400 million photos of Duke fans floating around the internet?  Ok, I misspoke.  A Bing search turned up 156 million results for “Duke fans picture.”  And Bing couldn’t find one that worked for them for a throwaway tweet.  They have to take the dishonest, disingenuous step to take a Wisconsin fan and photoshop her into a Duke fan?  It’s a waste of time, effort, and money to create a work of fiction.

No wonder nobody uses Bing.


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