The Night Before opens this Friday (Nov. 20), and the comedy starring Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Mackie and Jillian Bell may be pretty good, based on the reactions from critics thus far. (That Rotten Tomatoes rating could change once more reviews are posted by Friday.)

However, if the movie is as fun as this promotional video with ESPN, we could have a new holiday comedy classic. What happens when Michelle Beadle hosts a holiday party with guests including Jalen Rose, hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and the cast of The Night Before? Well, check it out.

The gag with Rogen and Gretzky was good stuff. (That ice wine is not cheap, by the way.) But everyone mistaking Clay Matthews for Chris Hemsworth, including fellow Marvel star Mackie, was funny too.

NBC announced on Tuesday that Hemsworth will be hosting Saturday Night Live on Dec. 12. Is there any way that the show can get Matthews to New York to tape a skit with Thor? Probably not, since the Packers have a game versus the Cowboys the next day. Maybe they can pre-tape a digital short. Or we can settle for Noah Syndergaard being on the show instead.

But really, the star of the video was Jalen Rose’s Christmas sweater, right? What a carrot.


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