Adrian Peterson NFL controversy

Adrian Peterson NFL controversy

The Vikings were on DEFCON 1 today as team owner Zygi Wilf and his underlings finally answered questions about their enormous bungling of the Adrian Peterson situation.

At the press conference it was clear what the messaging was from the team’s front office – the Vikings were clearly doing the right thing by placing Peterson in the NFL’s newfound timeout chair Exempt List.  Of course, preaching your conviction in “doing the right thing” doesn’t really hold much water when you are only doing it after your sponsors told you to do it.  This is especially true when you just did the wrong thing 36 hours before.

But today the Vikings lived by an old truism – if you lie to yourself enough times, sooner or later you’ll convince yourself you’re telling the truth.  In this montage from today’s Olbermann, the show ran down the 31 different occasions the Vikings tried to convince themselves (and the public) they were doing the right thing…


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