During Tuesday night’s Raptors-Mavericks game, Mavs coach Rick Carlisle benched Rajon Rondo after a third quarter confrontation. In the post-game press conference, things got a little testy between Carlisle and reporters, with ESPN’s Tim MacMahon getting especially feisty when asking Carlisle questions.

The real fun between MacMahon and Carlisle starts at the 50 second mark, when Carlisle asks MacMahon how many ways he should answer the question and MacMahon telling him he still hasn’t answered it. MacMahon’s got a point – Carlisle’s answers were nothing but vague garbage that don’t tell us anything about the situation.

As transcribed by Mavs Moneyball, Carlisled claimed that Rondo’s benching was “made because I’m the coach and that was the decision I made at the time.” That’s a complete cop-out, and doesn’t help anyone. If I were MacMahon, I’d be getting irritated at the non-answers too, especially since Carlisle isn’t out there just trying to play the Bill Belichick card.

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