Comedy Central provided a Monday morning surprise with the announcement (first reported by the New York Times) that Trevor Noah would replace Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show. The comedian, 31, joined the program as a correspondent last October, but hosted a late-night talk show in his native South Africa and performed as a stand-up around the world, making appearances on The Tonight Show and The Late Show with David Letterman.

Noah recorded a stand-up special for Showtime in 2014, titled African American, which is now streaming on Netflix. And one of the bits from that show addresses sports in the United States. More particularly, Noah examines the differences between sports broadcasting in this country versus their overseas counterparts.

We certainly can’t argue with Noah that Americans love their sports “back to front.” If not for us watching “the game before the game” and “the game after the game,” and talking about “what might happen in the game,” “what’s happening in the game,” “what happened in the game,” and then “what could have and might have, but didn’t happen in the game,” there probably wouldn’t be much use for a site like Awful Announcing.

That sort of outsider view is likely what Noah will bring to The Daily Show. We’re eager to see what he has to say about how the media covers politics and culture. Hopefully, he returns to some commentary about sports on occasion.

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