What do you get when you’re the world’s fastest man? Another 200-meter world championship? Sure, Usain Bolt got that in 19.55 seconds Thursday, toying with American Justin Gatlin in the last ten meters. Adoring fans around the globe? He’s had that for the better part of a decade. Lucrative shoe deal? Been there done that.

How about being run over by a man holding a television camera on a Segway? Well that one’s new!

The man holding the camera seemingly lost control of his ride after rolling over part of the guardrail, then careened into Bolt with enough pace to knock the shoeless sprinter crashing down to the ground.

Thankfully Bolt wasn’t hurt. Via the Guardian:

“It means a lot to me,” said Bolt, who did not even let being knocked over by a cameraman on a segway ruin his celebrations. “This is a big deal. I am happy to be a 10-time gold medallist. Especially this season when a lot of people have been doubting me, saying that I would lose.

“I always have uttermost confidence, that is one thing you guys know.”

Not even a motorized ride can keep Bolt’s confidence down. Surely that cameraman will think twice before getting that close to an athlete again as this could have been a horrific injury for Bolt. If the man is re-assigned, or fired, for his motorized gaffe, might I suggest a replacement?

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