Before the National Championship Game ESPN analyst Mark May, the gum stuck on the bottom of the shoe of college football, took his vendetta against Ohio State to ridiculous heights by refusing to admit that the Buckeyes belonged in the title game.  This was after a 59-0 win in the Big Ten Championship Game and a Sugar Bowl victory over Alabama.

May’s silence and hate of the Buckeyes must have gotten through to the team.  In a celebration back in Columbus for the first victors of the College Football Playoff, Urban Meyer asked the crowd on hand to send a message to May.  Everyone on hand then screamed “we are worthy.”

Maybe the five best words ever spoken by a college football coach: “Mark May can knock it off.”

It’s insane that we’ve gotten to the point where a coach takes time out of celebrating a national championship to stick it to an ESPN analyst.  From a media observer standpoint, it’s actually kinda depressing that ESPN allowed things to get this point and didn’t put a stop to May’s act much sooner.  But for Ohio State fans, it does make celebrating the championship that much sweeter.

[Video via Columbus Dispatch]

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