Tim Tebow will soon be making his debut as a game analyst.  USA Today reports Tebow will join the broadcast crew for the Peach Bowl on December 31st between Ole Miss and TCU.  The Peach Bowl has certainly grown in significance this year with a matchup between a pair of Top 10 teams as one of the six bowls in the college football playoff rotation.

It’s curious that this assignment wasn’t mentioned in the announcement of the rest of ESPN’s announcing lineup for the bowl games.  There were some interesting tidbits in there as well – Mack Brown entering the broadcast booth, former NASCAR announcer Allen Bestwick calling a couple games, former USWNT star Heather Mitts on the sidelines, Brent Musburger in LAS VEGAS… but the Tebow news gets its own separate reveal exclusively in USA Today.  It’s interesting to say the least.

In his rookie season at ESPN, Tebow has far exceeded expectations as an analyst.  I think we all had our doubts just how well he would fare on television breaking down the game, but he’s been one of the bright spots at SEC Network.  He’s been enthusiastic, but substantive in his analysis.  Tim Tebow: ESPN analyst is a lot more palatable than Tim Tebow: ESPN Stalking Obsession.

As far as how this move will go for Tebow, the broadcast booth is a much different environment than the studio.  But he’s working with a very good, underrated analyst in Brock Huard and Joe Tessitore is great as well.  Tebow has worked all season long with Tessitore on SEC Nation and that should help the transition as well.

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