SEC Network broadcaster Dave Neal had a moment of really bad timing during an SEC Tournament first round game between Missouri and South Carolina.  Heading to commercial break, Neal said that SC’s Michael Carrera, who hails from Venezuela, could use a taco.

Before everyone gets up in arms, and before Neal gets suspended or becomes the next Bob Griese or anything like that, let’s consider the circumstances.

The production truck cut to, hello, a taco stand at the arena.  Neal was just trying his best to come up with some kind of segue that could relate tacos and basketball (not the easiest thing in the world to do) and that unfortunately happened.  If they had cut to the popcorn stand first, I’m sure he would have said Carrera could use some popcorn.

It’s almost like he remembered the Griese moment right after he said that, then saved it by adding “I could use a taco right about now.”  Maybe this is a lesson to producers to be a little more careful which food stands they showcase and when during a broadcast.

[247 Sports]

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