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Last year Peyton and Eli Manning took the world by storm with their rap video to promote DirecTV’s “Football on your phone.”

This year they’ve done it again.

The Manning Brothers have reunited for this music video for DirecTV’s new fantasy football channel on Sunday Ticket.  The video, appropriately titled “Fantasy Football Fantasy” is even more wonderfully absurd than the first.

Let’s run down the video highlights…

1) Footballs filled with nachos.
2) A Chris Johnson cameo… wait, he plays for the Jets now?
4) Archie Manning floating into outer space
5) Peyton Manning as the man in the moon.

If there’s anyone in sports with a better sense of humor than the Manning Brothers, I need to meet them.  Right now I’m beginning to think their post-playing career as the next Weird Al Yankovic could be bigger than anything they did in the NFL.

[H/T For The Win]

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