If you’ve been to one press conference, you’ve been to them all. Or so it seems after watching this really hilarious new video from The Kicker.

“The coaches coached. The players played. And there are a lot of repressed emotions present on stage right now.”

Some of the questions asked in this mock presser are actually better than questions many of us have heard in real press conferences. The reporters diving over each other to give a “talk about momentum…” is my personal favorite.

The fun and really sad part for those in sports media is trying to figure out which character we are.

There is ‘Sad reporter, sports section, local paper.’ Then there’s ‘Attractive female, sideline reporter, major sports network.’

I think we’re all ‘Young male blogger, sportshits.com.’ Hell, some of us even have the accent and we all—we ALL—have the scraggly beard, black rimmed glasses and penchant for taking quotes out of context.

Last, I swear that ‘Obnoxious reporter, some East Coast paper’ is actually Jay Mariotti with a beard. You cannot prove me wrong.

After watching this video three or four (hundred) times, I wish I was at this press conference. In many ways, I already was.

[H/T Mike DeCourcy]

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