Baseball’s Winter Meetings had its first major trade in the late hours of the evening as the Oakland A’s dealt Jeff Samardzija back to Chicago.  This time though, Samardzija will play his trade on the south side for the White Sox.

As reports were being broken regarding the trade, the official SportsCenter account sent out this tweet with specific details on the players changing places and credited Fox Sports with the scoop.  Here’s the screengrab of the tweet via our Josh Gold-Smith:


One problem: Fox Sports never reported the above trade.  In fact, those weren’t even the right players being traded.  So where did ESPN get the incorrect information?

SportsCenter was duped by an imposter posing as Fox’s Ken Rosenthal.  Well played, @Ken_Rosenthail.

This was expertly done.  The Twitter avatar is the same as the real Rosenthal and the tweet was deleted so the phony insider could cover his or her tracks.

We’ve all been fooled by these fake accounts, whether it be the Adrian Wojnarowski with the extra “o” that nobody looks for, or A Darn Schefter, or now Ken Rosenthail.  You’re not alone, SportsCenter.

On the bright side, at least ESPN credited someone else by name.  So… progress?  Maybe?

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