The last thing you probably want to read is another post about DeflateGate, right? Naturally, it’s the story that will never quite go away, especially if (when) the Patriots contend for another Super Bowl championship. But now that the NFL season has started, at least there are actual games to talk, write and argue over.

But what if we were to tell you South Park lampooned DeflateGate on its season premiere Wednesday night? Would that interest you? Cartoonishly bulbous renditions of Tom Brady, Roger Goodell and Bill Belichick in their eight-month pissing contest over who broke the rules? Yes, of course you’re interested. Take a look.

Update, July 2021: This clip has been taken down.

Nasally chants of “You broke the roos!” could very well be heard throughout NFL stadiums when the Patriots visit this season (and probably beyond). People channeling Cartman as Brady or Goodell could also soon be the imitation you’re sick of hearing at the office or the sports bar. Or perhaps it will just settle into a hashtag and/or meme, with fans posting these clips on social media.

Any chance one of these guys prints out a picture of themselves as South Park characters for their desk, wall or screen background? My bet would be on Belichick. Though he portrays himself as humorless in press conferences and on the sidelines, I’d like to think he can appreciate the absurdity of this entire situation and South Park taking the time to correctly render him with hoodie, headset and clipboard.


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