Earlier this week, a story broke about long-time San Diego sportscaster Kyle Kraska getting shot outside of his home. They’re just a bit strange, and not something that you’d expect to lead to a shooting. NBC San Diego has the details.

Authorities say Mike Montana, 54, fired multiple shots through the rear window of Kyle Kraska’s silver Mercedes on Tuesday outside Kraska’s house in the city’s quiet, predominantly residential Scripps Ranch area.

San Diego police Lt. Scott Wahl said the dispute involved the painting of the KFMB-TV anchor’s house, but he didn’t offer specifics.

Thankfully, while Kraska’s injuries are considered serious, his prognosis is good and he’s expected to live.

Montana, the shooter, filed for personal bankruptcy protection last January. He surrendered to police early on Wednesday morning, and will be arraigned this week on an attempted murder charge. I wonder what exactly the painting dispute that caused him to go after Kraska was, but I’d assume it involved money in some way, given Montana’s financial situation.

[NBC San Diego]

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