During his press conference on Friday, Roger Goodell said a thing that caused almost every credible reporter to raise an eyebrow.  Goodell’s stance on Friday (probably because Frank Luntz told him it would be helpful to improve his horrid public image) was that he was the most open and transparent and fan-friendly person who has ever lived.  He even claimed that he is available to the media “almost every day” of his job.

Reporters were rightfully puzzled about this laughable claim…

After his bold declaration, it might seem odd… perhaps hypocritical if you will… that Mr. Goodell would refuse to speak with NBC Sports for their Super Bowl XLIX pregame coverage after claiming such round-the-clock availability.  On the biggest day of the NFL year the commissioner, who claims to be available to the media almost every day, denied an interview request with the network televising the Super Bowl.

Maybe Super Bowl Sunday just happens to be one of those extremely rare days where Mr. Goodell is unavailable to the public.  The President of the United States can find the time to do it.  But not Roger Goodell.  He must be very busy doing whatever it is he does to earn that $44 million salary.