A change of venue didn’t help Roger Goodell avoid the boo-birds.

Fans in Chicago let the NFL commissioner have it as he opened the draft proceedings on Thursday night, booing throughout his opening remarks. Of course, the only cheer Goodell got was when he moved things along and got the draft started.

Getting this kind of treatment isn’t a new phenomenon for the commissioner, but it seemed especially loud, perhaps because his approval rating is the lowest its ever been in the wake of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson cases. The negative reaction may have been predictable, but it was still powerful, given that it came from hardcore NFL fans on one of the most celebrated nights of the year after arguably the most tumultuous season in league history.

As if that wasn’t enough, when it was time to announce Marcus Mariota as the second overall selection of the Tennessee Titans, Goodell butchered the quarterback’s name.


It just keeps getting worse for the commissioner.

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